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Delicious Food & Desserts

Gates of Amida offers delicious quick and novelty selection of foods. Choose from various varieties sweet & savoury crepes,  fruit filled waffle desserts and weekly specials.
Sweet Crepes
Gates of Amida serves specialty sweet crepes. With over a decade experience in crepes, we offer very unique sweet crepes.

You can also make your own crepes. Sauces include chocolate, white chocolate, maple syrup, honey and jam. Toppings include bananas, strawberries, blueberries, apples and other fruits.
Finishing touches include coconut sprinkles, icing sugar, and rainbow sprinkles.
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Riverside Bistro
Gates of Amida is only a short drive away from some of the best seafood in all of Canada. The Riverside Bistro serves primarily seafood, but it also offers some classic Canadian dishes as well!

Their fish and chips are lauded as one of the most popular dishes around. If you are looking to eat healthy, give some of their other seafood options that aren't breaded. The bistro also offers hot dogs, burgers, and poutine if you want something more mainstream.
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Waffles are a must have at Gates of Amida. Light, fluffy, and filling waffles is the perfect dessert to start or finish your day.

Choose from our classic Tutti Frutti (nutella banana strawberry) or the Mapple Apple (maple syrup, apples, and cinnamon) or create your own waffles.
Your taste buds are tickling.
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Forage Restaurant
If you are looking for a casual gourmet experience, Forage Restaurant can provide you with a unique eatery experience. Most other places you can choose to eat around here serve similar diner-esque food. But Forage goes all in with its fine dining menu.

Munch on Pork Schnitzel, or slurp down a plate of Seafood Linguine. Buy a rack of grilled lamb chops or warm up with a bowl of Shrimp and Scallop curry. There is a dish here for everyone, which works well for any camping group.
Savour Crepes
If you are looking for a casual gourmet experience, try our savour crepes. Each savour crepe is hand crafted with finest ingredients.
Our most popular breakfast crepe is spinach, cheese,eggs and olive oil.
Our most popular lunch and dinner crepe is the chicken pesto and the Philly steak cheese crepe.
You'll keep coming back for more.
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